Hey guys, The Jellyweek 2013 event is approaching, and this year and forever after, communities and people that want to participate will have a more real-time / simpler way to make their project visible. Previous years, registration happened on a google hosted Google Map and google spreasheets, now we chose Usahidi to make it more powerful, visible, open, interoperable.

Usahidi is an open source project hosted on Github, it’s based on the Kohana PHP framework. It’s also available as a hosted version : Crowdmap which is nice because it eliminates the hosting issue, but is limited when it’s about customizing (theming and custom plugins). What’s more this is an opportunity to contribute to a nice open social-based project.

For this any developer that want to join the effort is welcome to contribute the Usahidi fork to have the best tool available for JW13 (registration starting on 1st november).

First goal is to make a nice responsive theme. One could also create some plugins and support for the JW13 and share it with the rest of the world.

Will you jump in ?