"My #JELLYWEEK!" - The call for your tiny video clip

Willi Schroll

Uncountable experiences, insights, impressions – show it in <2 minutes!

After a week to relax a bit and going back to business for Anni and me … now is the time to celebrate what you have done during this week! Share your experiences!

  • Please show us, what you have seen and felt, insights, impressions, stories. 
  • Please do it in 30-120 seconds
  • So that everyone can easily browse with pleasure through our collective experience in the resulting youtube playlist
  • Tag it! Else we cannot organize this. Tag it just with “JELLYWEEK” and we can easily pick it up into our youtube channel jellyweek 
  • Deadline? Not really, but we all want to see the clips as soon as possible, so let us have Feb 26 as the red line.

Take it easy - anything goes

Feel free, how to do it. If you just invest one minute speaking into your web cam then it is perfect!!! You might do that as a single person or a group of jelly people. What was your experience, surprise, disruption? Check out the thebizdojo – or just visit our channel youtube.com/user/jellyweek to get an idea of the possibilities. 

Like to make a long clip?

Great! But we will have a separate playlist for that contributions longer than 120 seconds. A short video increases the chance to be viewed. If you want to have stuff in XL or XXL (e.g. 20 minutes instead of 2), then you might create a short teaser video to point people to this.

Media questionnaire – for your video, but also for reports, blogposts etc

This questionnaire is not only for your content, but for anything related to the #JELLYWEEK. This allows for a nicely growing overview on a growing spreadsheet – an interesting list for all of us.

Updated 2012-01-30