Discovering the sense of global coworking

Everybody, who’s observing the fast growing coworking movement, is amazed about its global broadening. Coworking seems to answer to some unfulfilled needs of people from everywhere. The economical, political and social shift of structures in a globalized world makes people from everywhere think about how to organize themselves and their surroundings in a new way. Coworking is connecting the value of cooperation with new types of mostly self-organized and customer-oriented workspaces. Seen as symbols of the global shift coworking spaces are the nucleus of futuristic styles to do business, act together for common reasons and build up new communities and solidarities. And this is done both locally grounded and globally connected …

Let’s discover the sense of global coworking in the upcoming WORLDWIDE #JELLYWEEK 2012. Which important needs can be fulfilled by coworking? For which local and global problems coworking can be a part of the solution? How can coworkers use the global coworking infrastructure to foster their businesses and projects? Which people and networks aren’t yet connected to the idea of coworking and should be involved? How can business-oriented networks and NGOs use the coworking infrastructure for their global community building and actions? How can we communicate during the #JELLYWEEK from jelly space to jelly space, from continent to continent with each other? Can we send voyagers from one place or continent to another place or continent in january? What kind of technical, organizational, social and cultural prototypes can we develop during the #JELLYWEEK for the enrichment of a global coworking culture?

The structure of the WORLDWIDE #JELLYWEEK 2012 will make the global community visible.

Monday —- 16/01/12 —- is the day of #NorthAmerica.
Tuesday —- 17/01/12 —- is the day of #SouthAmerica.
Wednesday —- 18/01/12 —- is the day of #Africa.
Thursday —- 19/01/12 —- is the day of #Europe.
Friday —- 20/01/12 —- is the day of #Asia.
Saturday —- 21/01/12 —- is the day of #Australia.
Sunday —- 22/01/12 —- is the day of #OneWorld.

Each of these days will be focused on one special part of the world. During the day it’s for example possible:

—- to discuss about special topics concerning the continent of the day,
—- to create a program, that shows a part of the special culture(s),
—- to ask about the special mentality and tradition of cooperation and
—- to get in contact with the coworkers of the concerning continent.

During this day it’s also possible:
—- that the coworkers of the concerning continent are presenting themselves to the rest of the world and
—- to create whatever you want.

Let’s collaborate and explore the deeper sense of global coworking!