"My #JELLYWEEK!" - The call for your tiny video clip

Willi Schroll

Uncountable experiences, insights, impressions – show it in <2 minutes!

After a week to relax a bit and going back to business for Anni and me … now is the time to celebrate what you have done during this week! Share your experiences!

  • Please show us, what you have seen and felt, insights, impressions, stories. 
  • Please do it in 30-120 seconds
  • So that everyone can easily browse with pleasure through our collective experience in the resulting youtube playlist
  • Tag it! Else we cannot organize this. Tag it just with “JELLYWEEK” and we can easily pick it up into our youtube channel jellyweek 
  • Deadline? Not really, but we all want to see the clips as soon as possible, so let us have Feb 26 as the red line.

Take it easy - anything goes

Feel free, how to do it. If you just invest one minute speaking into your web cam then it is perfect!!! You might do that as a single person or a group of jelly people. What was your experience, surprise, disruption? Check out the thebizdojo – or just visit our channel youtube.com/user/jellyweek to get an idea of the possibilities. 

Like to make a long clip?

Great! But we will have a separate playlist for that contributions longer than 120 seconds. A short video increases the chance to be viewed. If you want to have stuff in XL or XXL (e.g. 20 minutes instead of 2), then you might create a short teaser video to point people to this.

Media questionnaire – for your video, but also for reports, blogposts etc

This questionnaire is not only for your content, but for anything related to the #JELLYWEEK. This allows for a nicely growing overview on a growing spreadsheet – an interesting list for all of us.

Updated 2012-01-30


My #JELLYWEEK 2012 - Bucky Mix (Willi 1:53 )

Welcome to Berlin & Coworking Hack Day #2

co.up, Berlin

We ask all Jellyweek people for blogposts related to Jellyweek and global community building and colaboration. Do you want to describe your special Jellyweek experience? Do you want to write a resumee on what Jellyweek is all about for you? Do you want to present a great project to the Jelly World? Thanks to deskmag for supporting the publishing. Send your blogpost submissions (no longer than 1000 words, please) to anna@deskmag.com. Now have fun with the story of co.up:

Unofficially known as Berlin’s tech coworking space, co.up will be hosting a hackday on January 21st: Coworking Hack Day #2. After the success of the first CoHackDay in August of last year, Jellyweek seemed to be the perfect time to organize another event of the same nature. Hackdays exemplify the spirit of jellies - cooperation, teaching and being taught, and lending a hand or some brain power to bring someone else’s idea to fruition.

To date, lots of projects and ideas have been put forward. Some of the projects are centred around better utilizing the space and making it a nicer or more beautiful work place. A revamp - changing the layout of the desks to facilitate a more productive yet still informal environment - has been suggested, or the idea of installing a microcontroller with an acceleration sensor and radio transmitter to monitor the skylight windows (so that no-one else’s laptop gets soaked, like that one time..) Other space improvement ideas are the “Getting Things Done Corner,” or setting up a collection of everyday items often necessary to work that could be used and provided on an honor system (much like “take a penny, leave a penny” jars) by coworkers; for example chargers, USB or iPod cables, envelopes, pencils, etc. The “Coworking Disco” is another unique project idea merging beautification and information: LED lights, controlled remotely through DMX, could be used to signify lunchtime, the time of day (as an artificial sunset), or as a continuous integration notifier, while warming up the space and creating a nice ambiance.

Other projects have to do with our coworkers’ eternal love of caffeinated drinks and sweets. Mate, a highly revered tea/soft drink with the kick of a mule, is something one of our participants has been brewing for several events now, with great success. This time around he’ll be looking for the perfect winter mixture of this geek favorite, as well as Glühwein (otherwise known as mulled wine). A different project group will be leading a cupcake icing workshop, as well as trying to create the perfect website/interface for customer-dictated cupcake customization.

The rest of the ideas are personal projects, which will lay ground for collaboration and hopefully spark interest in those who may have been curious about something without having had the chance to try it out. Projects of this nature include programming a Sudoku application that can write and solve puzzles, and offers the opportunity for two players to go head to head in a timed match. The MacRuby UTF8 symbol application project is open to pair programming and for those who would like to learn a thing or two. The application will let users copy symbols to their clipboard, and will be submitted to the App store at the end of the day. Another project group is the “TV-B-Gone,” a infrared remote that turns off most televisions by broadcasting more than 100 different turn-off codes; we’ll be putting together two kits that use Arduino and some code.

Just like last time, there’ll be an abundance of good company and couches and video games will be available for anyone in need of a break. After a pizza dinner, we’ll have project demonstrations and end the evening with a few beers and Tetris matches. You can keep up with everything that’s going on by following the CoHackDay Twitter, checking out the wiki, and ESPECIALLY by coming over to join us! The event is free and open to absolutely everyone who would like to get involved. It’s never too late to submit a project!

We’re looking forward to having a full day of learning, experimenting, and being together. Here’s to a fun, productive, and inspiring Jellyweek for us all!

#JELLYWEEK MANUAL PART 3 : Livestreams, Workpads & Toolbox

Anni Roolf, Willi Schroll

Now we provide you the last part of the manual. We know, it’s complex, but global collaboration isn’t a small exercise. It’s very exciting to check out new paths on a global scale.

Livestreams & google hangouts : intense connection

If you want to broadcast your jelly via livestream, we encourage you to register at livestream.com as we have done: http://www.livestream.com/jellyweek. Here Willi is explaining, how simple it is. When you have your channel, it will be super easy to have a realtime overview of the channels broadcasting simultaneously in each moment ! This is done with the query “jellyweek”. Necessary requirement : Your channel title definitely has to contain “jellyweek”.

Google hangouts are a great way to connect instantly with others – around a project or to have an exchange with a jelly partner. On google+ you find also a #JELLYWEEK account: In its circles all #JELLYWEEK participants on google+ are listed and invited to join a permanent hangout during the event. The permanent hangout will be started on Monday. See more on this kickoff event page.

Jellypads & Projectpads : platforms
for ongoing activities

The Jellypads and Projectpads are supporting the ongoing activities and are accessible via the jelly overview and project overview. Every jelly and every project has an own pad. So your collaborators have one space to connect and coordinate – and to track what is going on there. If you need more pads to organize your jelly or project, you can also create new pads on your own: Willi is explaining again, how simple it is. Please use the original Jellypad/Projectpad as directory for new links of all kinds.

FAQ & Toolbox : survival kits for global collaboration

For surviving in the unknown jungle of global collaboration we collected useful information in the FAQ and the toolbox for global collaboration. Here you can find smart tools for organizing your partner jelly meetings easily and so on.

#JELLYWEEK MANUAL PART 2 : Jelly partnering

So let’s continue with a very nice topic : Jelly partnering. Would you like? The partnership can be existing temporarily during the #JELLYWEEK. For sure it’s also possible to create a sustainable relationship, if you both like to continue to collaborate after the event. How enabling this ?

Your part

  1. Please choose your favourite partner on the JELLY OVERVIEW
    (introduced in MANUAL PART 1),
  2. contact him directly and
  3. announce the partnership with this short #JELLYWEEK PARTNER QUESTIONNAIRE (each of the two partners).

And then ? Let’s see what happens.

We will publish the partnership in the JELLY OVERVIEW with Jelly ID and host name. And we will send the results of this questionnaire to your partner jelly and you will receive the results of your partner.

1st example: Partnership New Zealand & Italy
presented by Stefania Burra (Lab121 / Allessandria / Italy)

It’s amazing how the Jellyweek offers new opportunities to work together all over the world. When the italian coworking movement starts to talk about the jelly, the Cowo managers wonder how many italian towns will take part, and while thinking that, in a couple of weeks the #JellyweekIT spread over 7 cities : Torino, Alessandria, Tortona, Padova, Brescia, Firenze, Roma and Auckland.

Auckland ? Is Auckland in Italy ? No, but the magic of jelly is that BizDojo from New Zealand join the Italian jelly week, so we can work together, share project during the jelly and even after it!

The program of the Italian / New Zealand Jellyweek for the 19 January is to define the Coworking Manifesto, to find out the ways to improve international people exchanges and mobility between the worldwide coworking centers and to restyle the jelly logo.

Moreover BizDojo has had the great idea to go on collaborate even after the jelly week with a 6 month partnership including:

  • Global membership across our network
  • skype presentation to showcase projects
  • logo on the partnership page website
  • Focused on open to partnerships between the spaces
  • video post from a resident on any topic

And finally you can watch a short video message from Nick Shewring (The Biz Dojo / Auckland / New Zealand) about this promising partnership.

#JELLYWEEK MANUAL PART 1 : All Jellies & Projects

Anni Roolf, Willi Schroll

These last three weeks of organizing JELLYWEEK 2012 have shown incredible dynamics behind the scenes too. The challenge in one sentence: Building up a social information architecture to enable all the participating jellies around the world to connect, coordinate, discuss, collaborate and possibly let new partnerships and projetcs emerge. Now we introduce step by step, what we build up for you.

Want to know something about a jelly or a project? We have two overviews in the plain form of a table.

All the Jellies in one overview

Wow, what a wave! We are counting now 170 participating jellies worldwide! The figure far more than doubled in less than three weeks. The table JELLY OVERVIEW shows all the jellies and is sorted after continents and time zones for your convenience. With using fulltext search on the page you will have nearly the convenience of a database. And if you know the ID of a specific jelly, e.g. search for “#J123” and you are in the correct cell/line at once. To join the swarm in the last minute please use the JELLY QUESTIONNAIRE.

Your ideas & projects in one overview

Do you want to propose a project to the global community? Are you searching for people and partners for a small or huge idea? With this
PROJECT QUESTIONNAIRE you can announce shortly your idea. It will be shown in the table PROJECT OVERVIEW (combined with an open workpad, your projectpad). Projects are listed in order as they are announced. Everyone, who’s interested in your project, can contact and collaborate with you to bring this great thing to birth.

So: Let’s start to collaborate !

JELLYHACK : 36 hours global marathon of design & development to enhance coworking

You like coworking and something troubles you ? You want your workspace to be more fun, creative and crazy ? Submit your issues and ideas on Twitter, using #jellyissue.

You are creative ? You have talent (or not) ? Jellyhack is a 36 hours marathon during which hackers and designers will give birth to anything that comes to their minds to adress these problems.

Let’s create a huge win-win-project in between hackerspaces and coworking movement during the upcoming #JELLYWEEK.

1st Prize : A »jellycard« for the nomadic hacker

  • free access for the winning team to coworking spaces around the world, who are committed partners of the platin card
  • for max. 10 members of the team free use of the participating coworking spaces for 14 days per space, access expires within 2012, non-transferable

The list of supporters of the »jellycard« will be crowdsourced during the #JELLYWEEK with a short Questionnaire for coworker space operators. Why support the »jellycard« ? The hackers will create open source solutions for the coworking sphere. The coworking sphere will reward this valuable output vice versa for a better collaboration in the future with a crowdsourced gift.

When : January the 21st, starting at 12:00am GMT, end on January the 22nd at 23:59pm GMT

Where : At the nearest jelly location, or at your home.

Who : hackers, designers, musicians, cookers … anybody can participate, no specific skills are required. You can register here.

If you run a coworking space and would like to open your space to hackers, please announce your jelly on this google map and send us your jelly event questionnaire.

VIBRANT NEWS: statistic. visions. press. window.

9 jan 04:51pm UTC



  • »Let’s unjelly!«
    Swenst / Antwerp / Belgium
  • »Share, learn, work and have fun.«
    The Works / Prague / Czech Republic
  • »I hope that we will be able to create a viable community as we all share common values. JellyWeek is just a brilliant way to meet and work together.«
    Jelly Limoux / France
  • »Push the coworking idea forward and see how other people achieve this.«
    Coworking Zug / Switzerland
  • »Getting into the worldwide coworking community«
    Coworkingbz / Bolzano / Italy
  • »I hope to meet people form other coworking spaces. I would love to share some thoughts with them and start cooperation. It would be great to start regular cooperation between people from different coworking places.«
    CoworkingZOO / Poznań / Poland
  • »Creating the value codex for the workforce of the future.«
    betahaus / Hamburg / Germany

  • »Create a big net between coworking centers and go on collaborating even after the jellyweek«
    Lab21 / Allessandria / Italy
  • »It will be exciting to participate with everyone. You can’t get any bigger than a Jelly that’s worldwide!«
    kleverdog coworking / LA / USA
  • »We wish for greater awareness for collaborative workspaces towards a sustainable future.«
    Makespace / Singapore
  • »Coworking is art of cocreation and this is what the WORLDWIDE #JELLYWEEK 2012 stands for.«
    loft2work / Athens / Greece
  • »Taking another step on bringing a cultural boundary crossing into being: Bridging the Gulf (as was the theme of the 3rd SoL Global Forum in Muscat, Oman, in April 2008)«
    OpenCoffeeClub / Dresden / Germany
  • »We’d love to connect with other spaces around the world.«
    The Candy Factory / Lancaster / USA
  • »1M-strong jelly!«
    Abri.Co / Quebec / Canada
  • »Productive, happy collaboration of coworkers of all cultures everywhere!«
  • Loosecubes / NYC / USA


Nice article on GigaOM & Interview with #JELLYWEEK founder Anni Roolf on GroAction (#JELLYWEEK partner).

Creating a Worldwide Co-working Movement - Interview with JellyWeek organizer Anni Roolf from GroAction on Vimeo.


Thanks for coworkingZUG for this beautiful #JELLYWEEK culture contribution!



Thanks to Annette Morris (#JELLYWEEK ambassador #FRANCE) for this interesting blogpost about the ethos of jelly. Everyone, who wants to share important thoughts about jelly, coworking, collaboration, global community building and other topics connected to the idea of #JELLYWEEK is invited to create a post!

»»»» JellyWeek is inspiring people all over the world to get involved in coworking. But does Jelly mean Coworking ? And does Coworking mean Jelly ?

It’s an interesting question. You can own a coworking space and not offer Jelly, or participate in Jelly but never join a coworking space. Sounds confusing ? It isn’t, but some people are still unfamiliar with the Jelly ethos and are hesitant to get involved in coworking.

o what’s it all about ?

First of all and possibly most importantly, Jelly should be accessible to anyone - and that means free ! Yes free !

There should be no money changing hands to attend a Jelly event and no obligation to become a member of anything. To participate in Jelly you only need an open mind about meeting new people and working somewhere different once in a while.

It’s a sense of community – perhaps this won’t happen immediately but relationships may quickly grow.  The more people you meet through Jelly, the more opportunities there are to build an informal business network both on and off-line.  This can extend to business networking, social events and project partnerships – all features of a ‘traditional workplace’ that are often missed by people that work at home. Jelly can give you a much needed ‘watercooler moment’, whatever the weather!

Collaboration is key – Jelly organisers are usually very enthusiastic about the concept and supportive of each other.  Jelly people like to share ideas and pass Jelly forward.  Anyone can get involved – working with private venue managers, coworking spaces or community organisations – almost anywhere with free wireless internet is a potential Jelly zone. Savvy venue owners enjoy hosting Jelly, it can bring them additional activity when the building is normally quiet, or a chance to make themselves known to an entirely new network of people.

In 2006, Jelly started out as a casual arrangement between friends. JellyWeek encourages global support for the same core principles; accessibility, community and collaboration whether that is in your street, your country, your continent or across the world. You only need 2 people to start a Jelly – so why not get involved?!  

Register for a free event on the JellyWorld map or set up a new Jelly of your own. 

Helpful links for starting a Jelly:





Awesome: Up to now 62 jellies from 22 countries joining

Time for a little update! Currently we are working on some lightweight solutions to support all the jellies around the globe. Since the jellies are scattered on a planet, which is not a cube, but a globe we think a lot about conflicting timezones etc, and how to organize without too much organizing. Thanks to Willi Schroll (actually a trend researcher and strategist from Berlin) for joining the effort to create a kind of facilitation platform in low tech constraints. Really exciting to watch the countdown to the worldwide #JELLYWEEK.

Meantime #JELLYWEEK participants and observers could discuss in the new facebook forum for the event (https://www.facebook.com/groups/jellyweek12/) open questions concerning the preparation of their own jellies in January and how we can communicate and collaborate on a global level. Merry Christmas for the moment and see you soon!